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Celebrating 30 Years of Mission Critical Consulting

Thirty years ago, Leo Soucy set out to provide engineering services tailored to mission critical facilities. From data centers to hospitals, broadcast studios to trading floors, Leo recognized these facilities required power and cooling systems specifically designed for reliable operation. With a focus on reliability, maintainability, fault tolerance and upgrade-ability, Leo founded Facilities Engineering Associates in 1987 and never looked back.

The principles that FEA was founded on were simple; design it right the first time, thoroughly test, and prove that it works. To encapsulate these principles, Leo developed what he called DesignPLUS services. DesignPLUS included the traditional engineering, design and construction administration services but also added quality controls for equipment specifications, procurement, design development, testing, and commissioning. Thirty years ago these services were not the norm but have since developed in to what Owners demand from the industry, and represent the foundational services a Mission Critical Consulting Specialist should offer today.

Looking back thirty years, society was at the dawn of a new digital age. The personal computer was not yet a household commodity, the World Wide Web was still a few years off, and the idea of a smartphone was pure science fiction. Yet information technology was on the verge of exponential growth and companies were becoming increasingly dependent on the data centers that powered them. FEA has been part of this dynamic and growing industry from the beginning.

Over time, FEA grew to be considered a trusted adviser and partner, and has developed many long-term relationships that span 20 years and longer. As business became increasingly reliant on information technology, FEA’s experience and services grew as they expanded into new markets like education, health care, campus infrastructure, and other industries that require high availability and reliable utility systems.

From the humble beginnings, working out of his basement, to the multi-discipline engineering firm of today, Leo laid the foundation for the firm’s success. In 2010, together with sons Marc and Brian, plans were made for the future. Having joined the firm in 2000 and 2003, respectively, Marc and Brian were prepared to assume a larger role. With firm operations successfully transitioned to Marc and Brian, FEA is well positioned to continue Leo’s legacy for decades to come.

Today, we are proud and honored to celebrate 30 years of success. A story and accomplishment made possible by our wonderful clients and customers we’ve had the privilege of serving, our loyal and dependable business partners, and the great men and women at FEA, who have helped us grow, better serve our customers, and stay true to Leo’s founding principles over the years.

For this special anniversary, we would like to thank all the people who have helped make FEA a success:

  • Thank you to all our clients for considering FEA a trusted advisor and maintaining long-term partnerships.

  • Thank you to all our employees, past and present, who tirelessly work together to provide the services our clients’ expect while maintaining a positive and caring atmosphere.

  • Thank you to Jeanne Soucy, Leo’s wife, for supporting Leo, through thick and thin.

And finally,

  • Thank you to Leo for having the courage to start something special thirty years ago. Through your vision, hard work, determination, mentoring and guidance you have helped nurture a company of great ability, positioned for success, for years to come.

Thank You and Happy Anniversary,

Marc and Brian Soucy

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