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Facilities Engineering Associates, P.C.

Facilities Engineering Associates, P.C. (FEA) is a professional engineering firm with a national reputation in the design and commissioning of mission critical facilities. Since 1987, our Fortune 500 clients have relied on our expertise for the state-of-the-art design of “7x24xForever” utility systems. We customize our mechanical and electrical system design solutions so our clients can perform full maintenance, testing and capacity expansions without affecting mission critical equipment, or business operations.

Our Vision

To be recognized experts of mission critical facility engineering and commissioning, providing services through long term partnerships, helping our clients sustainably operate and maximize their capital investments while avoiding downtime.

Our Vision is what drives. Our vision provides direction and creates excitement, commitment, and purpose. While we have been fortunate to enjoy success throughout out firm's history, there is still work to be done to better serve our clients, industry and community. 

Our Values

Our Values are the guiding principals that shape how we conduct ourselves and our work.  Our Values represent our core priorities and provides the framework in which decisions are made.


Our decision making and strategy development all focus on satisfying our customers.


Our employees are our greatest asset and they are treated with dignity and respect.  We strive to develop our employees personally and professionally for the betterment of themselves and their ability to serve our clients. 


We conduct ourselves and every aspect of our business with integrity and ethicality. 

Quality Service

Everything we do must be of high quality.


Be there for our customers and respond to an evolving industry. 


Transform acts of creativity and innovation into high quality services of value through collaboration of talented employees. 

Continuous Improvement

Challenge the status quo to find better ways to do things and to not settle for "good enough" or "that’s the way we always did it" 


Develop innovative solutions to meet our clients' needs, continuously improve our firm and be a leader in the industry  


Generate and retain earnings to accomplish our goals 


It is vital for our survival as well as providing additional opportunities for our employees.

Corporate Citizenship

Energy efficiency, fiscal responsibility.


Brian Soucy, P.E., President

Brian has been designing and commissioning data centers and other mission critical facilities since 2003.  As a Licensed Professional of Electrical Engineering and an Accredited Tier Designer (ATD), Brian is responsible for the firm's electrical engineering and commissioning services.  Brian's number one focus is seeing that FEA provides quality services aligned with our clients' needs.  For Brian that means leveraging FEA's talent, skills and technology to deliver results for our clients today and for the long term.   

Marc Soucy, P.E., Vice President

Marc is the Vice President and a Senior Mechanical Engineer at FEA.  Designing and commissioning data centers since 2000, Marc is responsible for the firm's mechanical design, commissioning and construction administration services. His responsibilities also include management of all the financial aspects of the firm.    

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